Is this app remedy for men’s depression?

In the recent past, the media have been awash with stories on depression, highlighting how widespread the problem is.

The affliction has not spared men, who are traditionally perceived as inherently strong enough to overcome all challenges life hurls at them.

One of the reasons attributed to the rising cases of depression, especially among men, is lack of someone to share ‘heavy burdens’ with. Again, men shy away from seeking help lest they appear like they are not ‘man enough’.

This is what drove Anthony Waweru to start an application that could offer a listening ear and a shoulder to lean on.

Mr Waweru says his digital platform ‘Man Up, why talk about it’ can help men cope with anxiety, stress, depression or grief.

The special focus on men by Mr Waweru, an Interactive Media Design student at the Technical University of Kenya, is because he felt that they are ignored because of their perceived resilience and capacity to withstand life’s shocks.

The app, he says, helps men to express their emotions and anxieties in the comfort of their privacy.

“As men, we have all experienced instances where we have been told to man up and not to show signs of weakness. So I thought why not build a platform that could be discreet. The app helps get around the stigma of seeking help at a counselling centre,” he says.

This story first appeared in the Business Daily

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